Acuto is a charming village on the top of a hill along the road that connects Rome with Fiuggi.  In the summer it turns into one of the capitals of music with festivals such as Acuto Jazz and Saltaranta.

Acuto Jazz is a concert festival that has been staged since 1996 with the artistic direction of the pianist and composer Paolo Tombolesi. It takes place during the month of August and over the years has been able to attract jazz players of national and international fame who have greatly added to the event by accrediting it as having high absolute.

The festival takes place in the enchanting setting of Piazza San Nicola, a panoramic terrace in the heart of the historic centre of Acuto that opens onto the Valle del Sacco.

Every year the theme of the events is the influence that a certain musical style has had on Jazz and this topic is chosen from time to time by the artistic director.

In spite of the theme of the festival, each year guests always include new artists, and in one of the evening concerts, do not miss the Jazz Orchestra of the Licinio Refice Conservatory  of Frosinone, which shows the annual evolution of the complex music.

The festival focuses mainly on musical development projects that combine the elegance of jazz with the energy of other musical genres.

In the last few years the following were among those who took the stage of Acuto Jazz: the pianist Patrizia Scascitelli, the Paola Massero duo and Gerardo Iacoucci, the group of Susanna Stivali, the trumpet player Lucia Iannello, the Ada Montellanico Quartet, the flautist Jennifer Clementi, the Play Verdi Quartet, Randy Roberts and The Capital Strokes, Marco Colonna Trio, Brit in Jazz Quartet, RadioTrio di Siniscalco, Zanisi and Smimmo, Maurizio Conte in his Apurimac project and many others.

In the same days, in the afternoon, Acuto Jazz is staged in the ancient church of San Sebastiano, in Viale Roma, for the presentation of books or CDs, projection of film-documentaries related to the genre and other concerts of orchestras.