In Sezze the sacred representation of the Passion of Christ is a parade on the evening of Good Friday through the streets of the historic centre, renewing an ancient tradition. In fact, every year the Sezze parade sees the participation of around 400-700 citizens as actors and extras, who give life to 42 Paintings of the Old and New Testament, with splendid costumes and armour.

The three Brotherhoods of the Buona Morte (Good Death), the Sacconi and the Rosary also take part in the procession. The impressive Good Friday procession begins in the evening in Piazza San Pietro (St Peter Square), in the centre of Sezze and follows a ring throughout the village until it returns to the square. The realization of the Sacred Representation is made possible thanks to the commitment of the members of the Association of the Passion of Christ of Sezze who preserve and pass on an ancient cultural tradition.

The Passion of Sezze has its origins in the Middle Ages when it was celebrated by religious brotherhoods. What we see today parading through the streets of the town is the work of a revitalisation of the 1930s when, thanks to an interest in artistic renewal, the Representation achieved success in just a few years.

It was also presented in Rome in 1950 in Via Fori Imperiali crowning the Jubilee and the Sacred Representation of Sezze has since returned to parade in Rome on the occasion of the Holy Year and on other key occasions.

The Passion of Sezze also marched in Assisi, Latina, San Giovanni Rotondo, Montecassino and in recent years also abroad, on the occasion of the Jubilee Year of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela, and at the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes .

But it is in the narrow alleys and ways of the town of Sezze that the procession knows its most impressive moments.