At dawn on Easter Monday, Castrocielo and Colle San Magno celebrate “The Kiss of the Madonnas”. In this celebration two processions proceed coming out from Castrocielo and Colle San Magno, to meet on Mount Asprano, where the Mother Church of Santa Maria in Cielo is located.

In the presence of one another the two statues bow thus renewing the harmony between the two communities that in the past have had some friction. The ancient tradition wants them to reach the summit with their own procession so that the statues of the Madonnas of the two countries meet at a certain point where they “bow” and seem to “exchange a kiss”.

After the sacred functions, the crowd passes from the sacred to the secular breakfast ritual. Easter cakes, called in local dialect “pigne”, donuts, boiled eggs, salami, wine, are consumed in joy.

The preparation of each Pigna follows a complex process and its history is inextricably linked to that of the particular towns in which it is consumed. Each town has its own recipe for Pigna.