The prestigious music festival involves the students of the 30 best Italian conservatories. In addition to classical music, the participants play in sections of rock, jazz and pop.

The National Festival of Italian Conservatories City of Frosinone is a musical competition dedicated to students of Italian Higher Artistic and Musical Training courses.

It was established in 2013 to open the doors of the Conservatori d’Italia to the public. It takes place during the month of July in Frosinone, in the impressive Piazza Vittorio Veneto, which, on the evening, offers a romantic scenario to the public.

The festival exposes a mine of talents and brings groups of the best schools of high musical education to the province. It is open to pop, rock, jazz genres, cover repertoires and original songs and popular music.

The audience is always impressed by the quality of the event, listening to performances by artists of the highest level and, in the evenings of the festival, there are thousands of people.

To open the first evenings there is a culture corner with invited Italian authors. The review then consists of 10 concert evenings. Every evening two groups from the Conservatories from all over Italy perform. Bari, Frosinone, Latina, Brescia, Trapani, Naples, Vicenza, Como, just to name some.

At the end the first 3 classified in the ranking take part in the final evening challenge each other before a jury composed of experts from the world of music and the competition is full of twists.

In the years the culture has heard Pier Paolo Segneri, Maurizio Maggi, Roberto Corradi, Patrizia Rinaldi, Gennaro Sangiuliano and an extraordinary excellence of “Frusinate” and Italian journalism such as Claudio Pagliara.

The guest musicians have included Daniela Pagano, Ennio Ferilli and Marco Toro. During the evenings they went on stage to play characters like the director Stefano Reali and the great composer and conductor Franco Micalizzi.

In addition to the names mentioned, there were also international guests such as Steve Lyon, producer and sound engineer who consecrated Depeche Mode, and film and theatre characters such as Giancarlo Giannini and Michele Placido.

The festival is a great success with critics and has brought the city to the forefront of national artistic and musical chronicles. The review has had the great merit of bringing back to previous splendour the historic centre of Frosinone which, with the pedestrian area allowing for pleasant walks on summer evenings.