The sanctuary is located on the highest point of Tolfa and was originally part of the castle built in the early ninth century when the inhabitants took refuge on the hills to escape the attacks of the Saracens. The church stands next to the ruins of the castle.
The original medieval church was rebuilt in 1567 at the expense of the community thanks to the organization of the Confraternity of the Name of God linked to the Dominicans.
The exterior has a facade with two-coloured marble stripes, an elegant entrance door with a mosaic of piety and a finely worked rosette.
The interior has a Latin cross plan with a single nave and the high altar in polychrome marble that is enriched by a 16th century canvas made by the Carracci brothers that represents the Virgin with the body of Jesus.
Next to the church is a not very tall Romanesque bell tower with two rows of framed openings.