The Carnival of Civita Castellana is an event very popular with the population and every year sees the participation of thousands of people. Tradition has it that everything starts from the day of Saint Anthony when a puppet is placed in Piazza Matteotti.

This puppet, called “The Puccio“, in each year is represented by a different character and remains in the centre of the square seated on a throne throughout the period of Carnival, and then is burned on the evening of Shrove Tuesday.

The groups that participate in the Carnival parades and fill the streets of Civita Castellana are among the funniest in Lazio: wagons with imaginative, witty and colourful themes run through the city along a 2 km route, with 3,000 participants, who with their energy all involve the spectators. The route starts from Piazza della Liberazione and, passing through the Ponte Clementino, arriving in the historic centre, where Puccio stands in Piazza Matteotti waiting for the procession.

On Shrove Tuesday after the last show, a big party begins with dancing and music during which the most beautiful wagon is elected and finally the Puccio is burned to greet the end of the Carnival.

The Children’s Carnival in Civita Castellana, on the other hand, is a masked party with music, entertainment and games and usually takes place on Fat Thursday.