The Carnival of Latina, was born in 1977 and is a tradition that is inevitable for all of Lazio. The symbol of this festival is the Swan, while the local hero is the Pontinello: a cheerful and likeable character, dressed in the blue of the Savoy and the black littorio that are also the colours of the banner of the city.

The Pontinello wears his boots to symbolize the migrants who in the past came to the Pontine marshes, and he wears a straw hat on his head to remember the peasant origins of all the inhabitants of the place.

In the afternoon of the Mardi Gras the allegorical wagons and the associations of the villages, accompanied by the band, the majorettes, jugglers and clowns parade around the city. On the last day of the celebrations in Piazza del Popolo, lottery numbers are drawn.