The Tivoli Tiburtino Carnival is one of the most important in Lazio and has a long tradition. In fact, once in Tivoli the Carnival festivities began the night before the feast of Saint Anthony when the girls, engaged in the olive harvest in the countryside around Tivoli, organized themselves in small groups with lots of caccavelle and tambourines singing stornelli and dancing through the streets of the village in the middle of the night.

Later the inhabitants of the area joined the parade of the girls and all together they began to celebrate the Carnival. When they arrived at the church of Sant’Antonio, they took part in mass before dawn. In fact, the religious ceremony took place before it became day.

The origins of the Tiburtino Carnival of Tivoli date back to the 16th century, when Cardinal Ippolito D’Este came to live in this area and invited all the nobles of the time to enjoy the festivities of the Tivoli Carnival. The first testimonies of the Tivoli Carnival are shown in old French prints.

The typical mask of the Tivoli Carnival is Zi ‘Baldone, a character who shows off fun and joy.

During the many days of the Tivoli Carnival it is possible to visit exhibitions, to attend shows, antique and vintage markets, and view parades of allegorical floats with masked groups. Also during these days there is the Festival of Castagnole and Frappe, the Children’s Carnival, with the election of the most beautiful mask.