Borgo Velino is located at the foot of Terminillo near the site of the ancient Sabine Viario centre. Viario was moved downstream after arrangement of rudimentary flood defenses. This is the beginning of the “Borghetto”, a settlement along the Via del Sale, (Salaria today).

The current centre was founded in the fourteenth century by the inhabitants of Forca Pretula and for a long time belonged to the kingdom of Naples.

In 1539 it was included among the domains of Margaret of Austria, daughter of Charles V and second wife of Ottavio Farnese, Duke of Nepi. On the death of the sovereign, who ruled with gentleness and wisdom, Borgo Velino was among the possessions of the Farnese until 1731, when it returned into the realm of Two Sicilies.

The name Borghetto remained until 1863 when it was changed to Borgo Velino.