Arce is an historic town located at the foot of Mount Arcano along the Liri Valley, and here Cicero’s brother had a villa. The first documented record is in the Cosmographia of the Anonymous from Ravenna in the seventh century AD. In 702 it was defeated by the Lombard Duke of Benevento. In 846 and again in 877 it was taken and sacked by the Saracens and then by the Hungarians.

In 991 it came under the rule of the Abbey of Montecassino and from 1266 under the Angevin domination of the Kingdom of Naples.

Over the centuries it was a fiefdom of the D’Avalos, Della Rovere and Boncompagni, who held it until 1796. The border with the Papal States was marked by 14 boundary stones.