Casape is a small medieval village perched on a block of tuff near Prenestini, east of Rome, in the countryside and surrounded by woods. Its history began with the Roman villa of Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo, a Roman general of the first century, a relative of Emperor Caligula and hated by Nero. The Roman villa formed a small farming town that was called ‘Casa Corbuli’ named after the general.

Casa Corbuli then moved under the control of two convents, first St. Andrea al Celio and in the thirteenth century by the monastery of San Gregorio al Celio “Clivio Scauri” to which it belonged until 1527. It then has seen a succession of different families and probably its name was changed to Casape when it was owned by the Barberini in reference to the bees on its coat of arms.

Since 1827, at the end of feudalism, it has formed an independent town with a mayor.