Colleferro was officially founded in 1935 with the donation of land by the neighbouring municipalities. The city centre was created around an explosives factory founded by Bombrini Parodi and families.

The original project engineer. Riccardo Morandi was innovative and provided an example of enlightened planning on the English city-garden model.

The Colleferro settlement occupied about 15 hectares and included rows of houses for employees, terraced houses for the workers, squares, church, office of the mayor and the police station.

For family care, public buildings were established that took care of the children starting from kindergarten, through elementary schools and secondary schools for vocational training. There was a hospital and nursing school annex and squads of the fire brigade in support of factory activity. For visitors and non-resident workers hotels were built, plus a recreational club, a market  and management offices.

The roads and streets were arranged following the lay of the land and all the buildings had high energy efficiency.

The architecture of the church is very original and recalls the arches of the castle/medieval fortress of Colleferro.