To the north of Rome, along the Treja river valley, Mazzano Romano appears as a medieval town perched on a tufa pinnacle. Its ancient origins date back to period of the Falisci and the remains of its necropolis are on display in the National Museum in Rome and Civita Castellana.

Its name comes from a Roman family, and this area was destined to be a penal colony and land for army veterans. After the fall of Rome and the Barbarian invasions, the population returned to inhabit the ancient fortified city and that has a single entry, and is now part of the baronial palace.

From 945-1526, Mazzano Romano was ruled by the Roman monastery of Saints Andrea and Gregorio al Celio. Next came the families Anguillara and Del Drago, who left a magnificent baronial building of the fifteenth century in the historic centre.