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Ingegnere, futurista e fondatrice di Discoverplaces. Blogger specializzato nella sostenibilità e nella promozione culturale dei piccoli territori e delle piccole imprese. Ama i cavalli


Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Blogger specialising in sustainability and in cultural promotion of small places and small enterprises. She loves horses

A day for Contemporary art reflecting on tourism

What value has Contemporary Art? Can it have a function for tourism purposes? What is the relationship between art and territory? The occasion of the Thirteenth Contemporary Day promoted by AMACI – Association of Italian Museums of Contemporary Art is the moment for reflection on the role of modern art in small historical centres and … Continued

MACA, Fine Arts Academy linked to Frosinone

MACA is the Museum of Contemporary Art within the Fine Arts Academy in Frosinone. It is the first example of integration between museums and institutes, and now all the academies of Italy follow this example by opening museums and becoming more and more integrated with the area where they are located. The academy becomes a … Continued

September 27, World Tourism Day

Tourism is an ‘industry’ and accounts for almost 12% of Italian GDP, which is why private operators have now been placed next to traditional industries and the new national development program is called ‘Impresa 4.0’. With factory closures, many operators seek to activate tourism initiatives but most of these operators do not have the necessary … Continued

Frosinone Chamber Orchestra, beyond music

Frosinone Chamber Orchestra, beyond music

The history of the Chamber Orchestra of Frosinone is truly original due to how it was formed – by three old schoolmates in 2014 who went to a ‘Convivium’ at Fiuggi dedicated to a piano and double bass concert. The three friends are: Annarita Alviani, Secretary of the Questor of Frosinone, Maurizio Turriziani, master of … Continued

Pope Ormisda and Pope Silverio together forever

Pope Ormisda and Pope Silverio together forever

Frosinone gave birth to two popes who had a truly special bond, Pope Ormisda and Pope Silverio: one was the father of the other. But there was no sin because when Ormisda had his son he was just a deacon. Let’s go step by step because Silverio reveals surprises: he is one of the nine … Continued

San Felice of Cantalice, the first Capuchin saint

San Felice of Cantalice, the first Capuchin saint

San Felice da Cantalice was born in 1515 and has the particular primacy of being the first saint of the Capuchin Order. But how did it occur and who are the Capuchins? The Capuchin Order was born around 1520 and is one of the so-called ‘minor’ orders that followed in the spirit of St. Francis. … Continued

History of the Potato and 'Petata' of Leonessa

History of the Potato and ‘Petata’ of Leonessa

It is one of the first words that children learn and each of us has eaten many kilos. It seems to have been part of our civilization forever, but has had periods of absence: this is the summary of history of the potato in Europe. The potato arrived in Europe with the Spanish conquerors of … Continued

Rieti- Leonessa and its hamlets Villa Pulcini

Leonessa and its hamlets: Villa Pulcini

Leonessa has one of the largest municipal areas in central Italy with 38 hamlets many of which are called ‘villa’, such as Villa Carmine, Villa Lucci or Villa Pulcini. The origin of the name ‘villa’ is very particular because it immediately refers to the ancient Roman settlements where, with this term, an agricultural production centre … Continued

San Giuseppe da Leonessa, il micro-credito e i Monti Frumentari

San Giuseppe da Leonessa, micro credit and Seed Banks

San Giuseppe da Leonessa  (St. Joseph of Leonessa) is a special saint who divided his life between the desire to be a martyr and to help the needy. And he did both things in an original and incredibly pragmatic way. San Giuseppe was born in Leonessa on 8 January 1556 with the unusual name of … Continued