Carlo Ribaudo


Vive e lavora ad Anagni che ama profondamente. Fin da giovanissimo ha avuto una grande passione per le arti figurative, in particolare per la fotografia e la pittura.

La fotografia, compresa quella astronomica, lo accompagna da sempre mentre ha iniziato a dipingere da oltre dieci anni. La pittura nasce direttamente dalla esperienza fotografica e ne è la naturale continuazione. Ama dipingere paesaggi e nature morte, in particolare motivi floreali. Ha partecipato a diverse mostre collettive.


Carlo lives and works in Anagni which he loves deeply. From an early age he had a passion for the arts, particularly photography and painting.

Photography, as well as astronomy, accompanies him always while he started painting over ten years ago. His painting comes directly from his photographic experiences and is the natural continuation. He loves to paint landscapes and still lifes, especially floral motifs. He has participated in several group exhibitions.

Anagni - Rio e Marmitte dei Giganti - Carlo Ribaudo

Anagni, the Rio and dixies of giants

Very close to the old town of Anagni exists an ecosystem that has remained unchanged for millennia: that of the Rio stream. The Rio is, as its name suggests, a torrent that arises in the mountainous area north of Anagni, the famous Ernici Mountains named for the pre-Roman people who lived there. In its bed … Continued