Domenico Bisceglia

Art and Sustainability of Andrea Gamba

A life dedicated to love, art and sustainability. After many years working in a social cooperative, Andrea Gamba felt the need to “achieve” good outcomes, ones that you can touch; so he devoted himself to his passion: wooden sculpture. He began to work with wood at a young 12 years and has never ceased to … Continued

Silvia Logi has “blossomed”

The art of Silvia Logi has not gone unnoticed and it has over 60,000 fans on FB and an American director who has dedicated to it a documentary, “Blossoming”, which has received many important awards on the festival circuit of independent cinema in the United States. It is not easy to describe what Silvia does, … Continued

Alfio Terroni: the joy of a hippy life in his bags

The story of Alfio Terroni is intriguing because of his hippy bags. Alfio Terroni began working animal skins and making carry bags when he was a “flower child” and was living in a hippy community in tents on the beaches of Jesolo, just a few years ago in the 70’s. In the morning he produced … Continued

Portrait drawings: the role of sensation

Sometimes illness helps us find our way and so it was for Marco Orlandi and is portrait drawings. A period of absolute deafness after an accident forced him to become intuitive and more emotional. Marco came out from that experience better and with awareness of the need to continue to express himself in the language of art: … Continued

Dining with the fine ceramics of Deruta

Anyone who loves and knows Deruta ceramics has at least one work of Deruta ceramics in his collection, and possibly a work from Sambuco Deruta pottery. The brilliance of the colors, especially the yellow, orange, “ copper green”, manganese brown and blue, make fine Deruta ceramics recognizable to every connoisseur. Deruta lies down softly in … Continued

Eva: the artist of Personalized engagement rings

Eva Franceschini is a young goldsmith of Padua who started to craft very romantic personalized engagement rings for couples wishing to avow eternal love to each other. Her idea is that every love story is unique – so it needs to be matched by a unique ring that symbolizes this special relationship. Eva’s talents to … Continued