Traveller’s Guide to Italy

23 Settembre ore 15:00 - Evento a “Villa Celimontana”, Roma Required fields are marked *

23 September 15:00 P.M. – Event at the “Villa Celimontana” in Rome

Tell me a story: atlases, guides, travel diaries…. While the Travel Literature Festival is underway, we will be presenting the series of guides “Towns and Villages of Lazio” by; Held at the magnificent Villa Celimontana, the event’s guests will include Tommaso Giartosio, a writer who also hosts the radio show  Fahrenheit, covering current cultural events, presentations of books, encounters with authors and moments set aside for … Continued

Taglietelle al Pesce Spada tipiche di Sonnino

11 September – Visiting Sonnino: first town for the Latina Province

On September 11th, paid a very pleasant visit to Sonnino, the first town in the Province of Latina where we will be providing training courses for all the tour operators, manufacturers and small businessmen of the local area, with the goal of creating a network to heighten the powers of attraction of the delightful village and its neighbouring towns. We enjoyed … Continued

11 Agosto - Presentazione guida di Paliano

11 August – Presentation of the Paliano tourist guide

This afternoon at 5:30 pm, in the conference room of the C.R.A. Credit Cooperative of Paliano, we will be presenting a guidebook to Paliano whose points of excellence and outstanding features amount to a tourist attraction all on their own! “” is a website that promotes local destinations through a story-telling technique designed to increase incoming flows of tourists to Lazio by … Continued

27 Luglio - Guide Turistiche mostrate al presidente della Regione Lazio

27 July – Tourist Guide displayed to President of Lazio Region

27 July: the first Guide of the municipalities of Lazio have been shown to President Zingaretti who has asked to be invited to the next presentation that will be in the Prefecture. He was surprised and astonished by the simple but articulated idea accomplished by the first innovative company registered in the Province of Frosinone

Guida di Serrone

2nd July: awarded the Rocca d’Oro

On July 2, the portal will receive the precious Rocca d’Oro Award in Serrone. On the occasion the Guide of Serrone, a volume of the Lazio Tourist Guides series will be officially presented. The prize has been awarded to the entire portal and publishing house team, which for some years has pledged to promote … Continued