Traveller’s Guide to Italy

Press Conference 21 Giugno by Marco Reali

21 June: Presentation of the Tourist Guides of Towns of Lazio

Donna Gesine Pogson Doria Pamphilj and Don Massimiliano Floridi have the pleasure of inviting you to the presentation of the first editions of the Tourist Guide in two languages dedicated to the large and small towns of Lazio. The series of The Tourist Guides of the Towns of Lazio is created by, the portal … Continued

11 May in Fiuggi: Seminar at Hotel School

On 11 May at 9:30 the team meet the students of the prestigious Michelangelo Buonarroti Hotel Institute of Fiuggi for a seminar titled ‘Tourism in Small Towns and Promotion of them’ The seminar is reserved for the students of the Institute and is among their activities of promotion of the tourist industry related to … Continued

19 April – Grottaferrata: Seminar on Tourism and Images

The seminar is conducted at the premises of the St. Joseph Art School of Grottaferrata and is held by Ing. Chiara Rossi of team. We discuss tourism and how art, particularly photography, associated with an intriguing story based on the principles of Digital Story Telling, can help increase the interest of tourists in our … Continued

4 Aprile Vaso di Pandora

4 April – Pandora TV, presentation of

Experiential tourism, travellers, story telling on the web, these are the content of the television program in which Claudia Bettiol of is participating. The director Carlo Savegnago has dedicated an entire episode to a wide-ranging discussion on how to promote the development of a real solid tourist industry. To increase the number of days … Continued

27 March – Discoverplaces at Rieti Spazio Attivo

Presentation of the Portal at the Active Space Incubator BIC of Rieti in via dell’Elettronica at 15:30 hours. Claudia Bettiol and the team will meet local city hall, business people, artisans and authorities and tell the philosophy behind this portal that was created to assist travellers and tourists looking for special experiences.

7 March: Seminar on writing for the web

A seminar dedicated to bloggers from the ciociarian associations to develop their skills in the techniques and tricks of web writing. Discoverplaces has organized this meeting on the topic ‘How to reach and attract the potential traveller’. The seminar takes place at the site of in Paliano starting at 9:30 until 16 hours for … Continued

March 3-4th: Meeting with International Bloggers

Bloggers from Discoverplaces joined the tour organized by IWE – ‘Italy Where Else’ and ‘Rome Countryside’ to show the beauty of places near Rome. The tour aimed to raise awareness and appreciation internationally of places in Lazio Region near Rome, showing their history, art, typical products and friendliness. The protagonists were the towns of Anagni … Continued

Ancient Dynasties in Ultramodern China

When western tourists visit China, the first thing they notice, wherever they enter this country of 1,4 Billion inhabitants, is modern America, towering skyscrapers and blocked motorways. Landing in Beijing the tourist finds a spoke and wheel road structure with 5 ringroads to serve the over 20 million population. Among the city of the future, … Continued

Upcycling Presentation at the Formalba School

At 10 am at the sports field of Segni a meeting will be held between the teachers of Formalba and the Energitismo team to plan some activities together for the next academic year. Energitismo has been tasked to give a one hour seminar on Upcycling and Common Goods. The seminar will be conducted by Claudia … Continued