Gavin Tulloch

Scienziato e poeta. Ama la chimica, il vino, le donne e l’opera, ma non sappiamo in quale ordine

Serrone- Premio Rocca d'Oro by Benedicta Lee

Rocca D’Oro Awards create Bridge between USA and Italy is selected alongside Eva Evola and Aaron Caruso, two opera singers from the Italo/American Bellini Opera Foundation, to receive a prestigious Rocca D’Oro award at the presentations in Serrone. This Ciociarian town lays across the steepish slopes of Mount Scalambra and is a famous centre for Cesanese red wine and ‘soaring’. The summer evening … Continued

Bellegra- Monte Scalambra by Benedicta Lee

Up to Mount Scalambra, roadway to heaven

The first of ninety turns on the route to Mount Scalambra is a sharp left hand from the Piglio road near the end of La Forma, the ‘commercial’ centre of Serrone that runs alongside the main road. From this level, the top of the mountain seems close to heaven. Now half an hour later we … Continued

Trivigliano: una reliquia in onore di Sant’Oliva

Trivigliano: a relic in memory of Saint Oliva

For those who are not born and brought up in the traditions of the church in Italy, the concept of worship of a relic seems unusual. So, to attend a service and procession in honour of a Saint where the item being venerated is a silver reliquary holding the arm of the saint, is a … Continued

Vico nel Lazio chiesa Santa Maria - Bettiol - 14

Walls of Vico nel Lazio open to welcome a son returned

For a traditional Italian family, there may be no pride greater than to surrender a child to the service of God, whether as a priest or a nun. This may seem to outsiders to be an unusual situation in a modern society where selfish human relations and money dominate, but when you walk inside the … Continued

Casalvieri 1000 anni, Sbandieratori

Casalvieri, 1000 years picture in 1000 words

This year, 2017, May 5th marked the 1000th birthday of Casalvieri. Not that the area of the Val di Comino or Terre Comino was not peopled previously, but this date records the first written acknowledgement of its existence. One thousand years, each remembered here with a word to create a picture of a special town. … Continued

Finding the Marque of Fine Wood Inlay

While strolling near the top of via Vittorio Emanuele in medieval Anagni, we noticed an advertisement outside a small gallery for an exhibition of wood inlay. We walked in and saw that the small gallery fronted an old atelier behind and down a few steps from the gallery. The pieces on show around us in … Continued

Osservatorio astronomico di Gorga rotazione terrestre con passaggio iss con la cristoforetti a bordo

Astrophotography of the heavens above Gorga

The route to the heavens above Gorga, the only one, starts near Montelanico on the Colleferro road in the Sacco valley and winds its way for twenty minutes and 12 hair-pin bends up and around the mountainside, arriving at a small main square The main square of Gorga is the end of the road for … Continued

Mura Ciclopiche di Alatri

Acropolis of Alatri tells the story of Cyclopedean Walls

Alatri is one of the several towns of ancient Latium Vetus with outstanding Cyclopedean (Megalithic) walls – that are referred to geometrically as Polygonal Walls. These walls surround the acropolis of Alatri and the acropolis may tell us the story of gigantic stones in these walls. The term Cyclopedean comes from the gods, from reference … Continued

Maundy Thursday Visit by Papa Francesco to Paliano

It is Maundy Thursday in the Christian week of Easter, a fine warm spring day with a touch of breeze, and we seek the breath of the Lord in the hills around Paliano, in Frosinone Province. For lunch, we settle to eat a simple but tasty pasta dish with a glass of white wine at … Continued