Gavin Tulloch

Scienziato e poeta. Ama la chimica, il vino, le donne e l’opera, ma non sappiamo in quale ordine

Finding the Marque of Fine Wood Inlay

While strolling near the top of via Vittorio Emanuele in medieval Anagni, we noticed an advertisement outside a small gallery for an exhibition of wood inlay. We walked in and saw that the small gallery fronted an old atelier behind and down a few steps from the gallery. The pieces on show around us in … Continued

Osservatorio astronomico di Gorga rotazione terrestre con passaggio iss con la cristoforetti a bordo

Astrophotography of the heavens above Gorga

The route to the heavens above Gorga, the only one, starts near Montelanico on the Colleferro road in the Sacco valley and winds its way for twenty minutes and 12 hair-pin bends up and around the mountainside, arriving at a small main square The main square of Gorga is the end of the road for … Continued

Mura Ciclopiche di Alatri

Acropolis of Alatri tells the story of Cyclopedean Walls

Alatri is one of the several towns of ancient Latium Vetus with outstanding Cyclopedean (Megalithic) walls – that are referred to geometrically as Polygonal Walls. These walls surround the acropolis of Alatri and the acropolis may tell us the story of gigantic stones in these walls. The term Cyclopedean comes from the gods, from reference … Continued

Maundy Thursday Visit by Papa Francesco to Paliano

It is Maundy Thursday in the Christian week of Easter, a fine warm spring day with a touch of breeze, and we seek the breath of the Lord in the hills around Paliano, in Frosinone Province. For lunch, we settle to eat a simple but tasty pasta dish with a glass of white wine at … Continued

Finding Exciting Things in Isola del Liri

A warm early spring day finds Claudia and I looking for the most exciting things in Isola Del Liri (maybe it should have been Isole but that is another argument), destroyed by Napoleon, bombed mercilessly by the Allies in WW2 and still recovering. Yet the task of finding those exciting things in Isola del Liri … Continued

A Short Stroll around the treasures of Alatri

Alatri is perched around a hill not far from Frosinone in what is now colloquially called Ciociaria, though the ancients of the town of Alatri predated that term by well over 2000 years.  Alatri is hidden from much of the highways and byways leading to it, with the famous acropolis only coming into view as … Continued

Rieti on the old Salt Road

Rieti finds itself spread around the Via Salaria, the old Roman ‘Salt’ road, on a low hill, north east of the eternal city; though the original town dates to nearly 3000 years ago, and started life as the Iron Age Rea. Today it is a medium sized town of nearly 50,000 people and is capital … Continued

Fiuggi Grants Antonio Tajani Honorary Citizenship

Our travel today through the hills of Ciociaria brought us to the famous spa town of Fiuggi in the lower slopes of the Ernici Mountains to celebrate honorary citizenship of Fiuggi for Antonio Tajani, President of the Parliament of Europe. For Italians, the honour is well understood, but for those of us with English upbringing, … Continued