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black friday energitismo

Black Friday: from American tradition to Rampant Phenomenon

It is late November, the first grey (sad) days are rekindled, and traditions from the United States are apparent everywhere, the feast of Thanksgiving and, of course, Black Friday. This time of year is much anticipated in the United States, perhaps more than Christmas because it falls at Thanksgiving and the traditional New York parade, … Continued


If art becomes garbage?

A work of art becomes garbage at the Museion Bozen Bolzano where it has been trashed. This situation where art becomes garbage, for some tragic and for others fun, happened Friday, October 23, yet for all it has reopened a sensitive debate on the definition of a work of art. Ladies cleaning the Museum in … Continued


You know that art through the ages has represented death graphically using skeletons and skulls, these also being symbols of the most macabre celebration of the year, Halloween? The most terrifying night is upon us! Halloween is a holiday related to the Anglo-Saxon Celtic New Year Samhain, a Gaelic word meaning “end of summer”, and … Continued

festa della ceramica

The Festival of Ceramics in Nove 2015

The small town of Nove, near Venezia, has arrived at the 18th annual Festival of Ceramics, an international event with the participation of artists from all over Europe. Events were scheduled from 5 until 24 September 2015. Coffee with Michele Barbiero, president of Nove Terre di Ceramica, allowed me to understand the enthusiasm and intent … Continued

Raku and “Little Prince”

Seeing beyond things, that’s what an artist has to do with ceramics using the Raku technique. To do that needs concentration, says Giuseppe Lorenzi, while already thinking about the next work. Distraction, however, belongs to the mass of all those living in the chaos of everyday life; beauty is increasingly ignored, it becomes invisible, because … Continued

Venice Art Biennale 2015

It’s a crazy busy spring, wonderfully rich in artistic flair. The 56° Venice Biennale has opened its doors under the theme “All the world’s futures”, chosen by Nigerian curator Okwui Enwezor. Someone called this year’s show “The Political Biennale”, as it features the noise, the vibrations and the shock of the world. The President of … Continued

Festa della Ceramica in Nove

The Festa della Ceramica is the gathering of the artisanal potters and ceramic artists of Nove (north of Vicenza in Veneto) with a little help from friends across Europe. It is held in the main street centred on the Museum Square, in mid-September, after the full heat of the Veneto plains has expired and, usually, … Continued

Street Culture of Sicily – Eat and see it

Sicily, land of sea and nature, full of light and … creativity . A land and a place anthropologically complex and at the same time fascinating : Greek and Roman art, Byzantine and Islamic heritage, baroque and folk traditions do not tell everything about her . We look at the present, at least the last … Continued