Maurizio Signorini

lampade da tavolo a led

The Energy of Colours of Nature

Since the dawn of time man’s emotions have been driven by the colours of nature that arise from the play of light on the sky, rocks, water and trees. The great artists and architects have interpreted this when managing light in their creations, offering stone colours and frescos for the walls and in their paintings. For … Continued

The architecture of the vegetable by Giuliano Mauri

Giuliano Mauri is a ‘poet of the branches’ ​​and generator of the “plant buildings”, defined as “natural architecture“ that lives temporarily and then, inevitably, returns to nature.”   Working with branches and trunks of wood he constructed fantastically real buildings. The assumption, related to the natural transience of the material used, is that nature will … Continued

The fabulous world of Friedensreich Stowasser – Hundertwasser

In Austria, in a small town in Styria, Bad Blumau, one can encounter an embodiment of architecture of Hundertwasser where the style of Gaudi, the colours of Matisse, Klee and Kandinsky are merged into one form that its creator defined as “vegetative architecture”. These are the same colours that can be found in Darmstadt, Waldspirale … Continued

The unknown and the forgotten: Paolo Soleri, a visionary

Paolo Soleri: enlightenment architect , visionary , creator of ‘important urban experiments of our time’. His motif: Less aesthetics, more ethics.   Near Tucson, Arizona, there is a city/community founded by Paolo Soleri in the ’70s, an architect who challenged the whole world on sustainability and the relationship between man and environment. Paolo Soleri was … Continued