Apr 29/30 May 1st: Ulysses’ Coast (Gaeta-Sperlonga-Priverno)

A weekend immersed in the history of the Riviera di Ulisse between Gaeta and Sperlonga to trace together a new road for the promotion of tourism along the Lazio Riviera.

A small trip inland to discover the magnificent village of Fossanova, and its natural oasis with healing waters in the heart of the Pontinia plain, a stone’s throw from Priverno.


Guide of Sperlonga

This stretch of the coast of Lazio with San Magno hill overlooking the sea is rich in natural hollows (from […]

Guide of Priverno

The city of Priverno is located in the Amaseno valley, famous for the quality of crops and herds of buffaloes […]

Guide of Gaeta

A legend connects Gaeta to the ‘myth’ of the Argonauts, to Aietes the father of Medea, daughter of the sorceress […]