3 Dicember – Lazio Phototour: Ceccano, Castro dei Volsci, Anagni

On the 3rd of December Discoverplaces had the pleasure to participate at the first stop of the Lazio phototour, in collaboration with Yallers Lazio and COTRAL, visiting the towns of Ceccano, Castro dei Volsci and Anagni, more than 60 participants helped by local associations like Cultores Artium from Ceccano, in re-discovering through their lenses the beauty of just some of the towns of Ciociaria.

Guide of Castro dei Volsci

Castro dei Volsci is located on a rocky spur of the Ausoni Mountains, overlooking the rich plain of the Sacco […]

Guide of Anagni

Anagni stretches along the crest of a long hill, overlooking the Sacco Valley, at the foot of the mountains Ernici. […]

Guide of Ceccano

Ceccano  is on a hill overlooking the Sacco Valley and is crossed by rivers Sacco and Cosa. It is an […]