Bellegra- Monte Scalambra by Benedicta Lee

Feb 18: At School of Tourism with Bellegra students

We met with the teachers of the primary and middle classes of the School in Bellegra to start the “Tourism among Desks” project. In the next months we will meet our young tourism entrepreneurs to get to know them, but above all to let us tell from the most fearless the beauty of their municipality, because it is important to know its material and immaterial resources.

In order to promote it and to love it at best, not only themselves in the first place, but to transfer this feeling to anyone who is still skeptical, whether it is a tourist or a citizen.

We can not wait to go back, see you soon!

Guide of Bellegra

Bellegra is located on the top of Monte Celeste, at 815 meters, and overlooks the beautiful valley of the Sacco […]