We are growing visibly, and slowly our dreams come true!

We were born in Lazio, and we have lovingly described all its villages, their material and intangible heritage, to make them known not only to those coming from afar but also to the inhabitants themselves. During this journey we were surprised about how much we did not know of the towns in which we live our cheerful lives. Of the beauty and history under our eyes, through which we often fly in our everyday life. And while we at Discoverplaces continue to grow in this region that we call home, slowly we expand our thirst for knowledge. Italy is big and still so much is to be told, so we decided to bring our model to the Veneto region, a region with priceless history and beauty that is very close to our heart.

These last years have involved meticulous work in search of the territorial identity of each of the smaller villages and its people, that we found ourselves describing in our portal, through our articles and notes.

But territorial development does not just happen by itself, it is a slow and delicate process, which is made possible only by a good “information and training”, and starts from the entities present in the territory. This is why we have created Friends of Tourists, a training service for companies in the tourism sector. It is for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and companies willing to undertake a path to learn how to welcome tourists, improve their brand quality and visibility through courses and professional advice.

We are not just talking about the language! But after Friends of Tourists no more “Next Openings” only “Opening Soon”.

All this thanks to the help of our dear friend Nicola Doro, we can not wait to start with him and many other collaborators to describe the 563 municipalities of the Veneto Region.

This is a business that does not scare us … on the contrary!

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