Oct 27 Cesanese Lifestyle: “Meetings and Tales of the Lands of Cesanese”

Food and wine tourism is growing strongly and can be one of the factors for the next socio-economic growth of a whole territory. There is an opportunity in all areas where particular vines are grown and wines, already protected by brands and recognized by experts, are produced.

The case of the Terre del Cesanese area, where vines that produce the excellent DOC and DOCG red wines are grown, is emblematic for the growth in recent years of the quality of the wine and the reception of the cellars.

The area protected by the brands includes towns of incredible charm such as Anagni with its crypt considered the ‘Sistine Chapel of the Middle Ages’, Piglio with the charm of the traditions of wine, the community winery and the festivals, Acuto with the medieval village and the presence of a international chef, Affile with its mountains, Serrone with one of the most enchanted villages and paragliding flights from Mount Scalambra, Paliano with its park, fortress and its palio, Olevano Romano with its historic link with Northern Europe born during the Grand Tour and Genazzano with its incredible castle that has become a center of contemporary art.

And then we could mention the towns in the surrounding areas such as Fiuggi, Subiaco, Gavignano and Segni.

In the Ceranese area you can practice practically every sport, from horse riding to free flight, from golf to swimming, from MTB to football, and go from walks for amateurs in the paths between the villages or go trekking in the mountains to Campo Catino and the Simbruini Mountains.

You can relax in the Fiuggi Spa and cleanse your body with its famous water. The richness of gastronomy is a particular treat and it is not by chance that many chefs propose a menu of traditional dishes using only local products.

What is missing? Perhaps a direction who promotes the awareness that quality wins and that it creates a better identity for all.

The Cesanese Lifestyle!

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