Last year we went to the fair to understand how to orient ourselves, this year we start with clear ideas and well-defined proposals. In a year we have grown a lot:

– We had 1,000 contents in the two languages, today we have 12,500

– We had 500 photographs, today we have 10,000

– We had 10 guide books, today we have 30 books

– We had 30 collaborations with photographers and authors, today we have about 200

– We had partnerships with 2 associations, today we have relations with Cotral, Zetema, Federcultura, CCIAA Viterbo, Fieracavalli Verona

– We had no alternating school work, today we had about 30 students for a minimum week’s internship

– We had no relationship with schools, today we have a specific program called ‘to School of Tourism’

– We did not have a specific program for Tour Operators, today we have affiliations on the proposal ‘To rediscover your roots’

– We did not have the newsletter, today we have the only regional newsletter that deals with small towns

– We had no proposals for the municipalities, today we have proposals for ‘Tourism Experience’ to promote their events in Italy and abroad

– Today our readers follow us for 50% from USA, Canada and Australia

We will update you on our talks in Rimini.

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