Teatro Vittorio Gasmann

The municipal theatre was created in 1927 and at one time the property was a cinema. Today it is a theatre with 99 seats and a stage that promotes both an international repertoire as well as one tied to the roots of the area.

Rally of Pico

The Rally of Pico is a car race that takes place in the first weekend of September since 1978. The route includes a section in the central square of the town and is the only rally in Italy to be organized with a municipal licence.  

Campo Staffi

With its “high” slopes it enjoys good snow cover for about five months a year. The slopes, between 1500 and 2000 meters of altitude, are equipped with two chair lifts, three ski lifts and a rope tow and are suitable for all categories of skiers. Campo Staffi looks like a Read more…

Naturalistic Medieval Park

In the eighth century, some refugees in the city of Aquino, destroyed by the Lombards, found shelter on the top of the inhospitable Mount Asprano where Gastaldi Aquinas built the castle Castrum Coeli. This castle also had to counter the expansionist aims of the Abbey of Montecassino who had built Read more…

Paths on Bald Mountain

The path to the summit of Bald Mountain (Monte Calvo) is a very picturesque nature trail marked by its strong scenic value. The view is enchanting: the Valley of the Saints, the Liri Valley, the Apennines, on towards the Ausente Valley, on to the Tyrrhenian Sea with the islands of Read more…

Varroniane Baths

The Varroniane spa is named after the famous writer Varro who lived in the first century. B.C. and had a villa here, in the area called ‘Monticelli’. In ancient times the god of waters. Deluentinus, was worshipped here. The baths are immersed in a rich and picturesque vegetation due to Read more…


On the stretch of the Aniene River from San Cosimato (Vicovaro) to Castel Madama you can go rafting. One of the most beautiful parts of the landscape running alongside the Way of St. Benedict.

Rainbow Magicland – Amusement Park

Rainbow MagicLand is an Italian amusement park on the theme of magic. Around the large central lake there are 36 attractions, shopping, dining and entertainment areas. The mascot of the park is Gattobaleno along with Winx and some of the other cartoons produced by Rainbow.

Walk “Costa La Tiglia”

The trail winds through the mountains, through the copse of “Macchia in Faccia” and arrives on Mount Aguzzo, the highest peak of the area. Along the way we note the “La Grotta di Re Pipino” which offers a wide panorama on the plain ‘del Cavaliere’.