The oil grown and produced here belongs to D.O.P. classification “Colli Orvietani” and consists mainly of the varieties Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio. The oil of City of Pieve is characterized by being rather fruity and having low acidity.


Città della Pieve belongs to the wine classification D.O.C. “Colli del Trasimeno”. The production is predominantly red wine mainly made of sangiovese grape with other grape varieties typical of the Trasimeno. The wine of Città della Pieve, fruity with a slightly bitter after-taste, is particularly suitable for meats and vegetables.

The Chianina

Despite, today, its breeding not being geographically circumscribed, the Chianina cattle breed is an integral part of the traditions of many municipalities in the Val di Chiana, in Tuscany and Umbria. A Chianina calf is given as a prize to the winner of football in costume, held annually in Florence. Read more…


In the rest of Umbria they called it umbricelli but in Città della Pieve, which is influenced by the neighbouring Tuscany, it is called pici and represents one of the highlights of local cuisine. The recipe is simple: water, flour and very little, if any, egg. The preparation consists in Read more…


Every year in October there is an event focused on saffron by the local association of producers. The plant, native to Asia Minor, has been used since ancient times for dyeing, drug, cosmetic and culinary use and its cultivation has been widely practiced in Città della Pieve since the Middle Read more…

Formia. Goat cheese

Among the delights of the area around Formia, goat cheese has a role. whether soft or hard depending on the type of production and maturation. In this area called “Cotto.” cheeses are also flavoured with chili or sauce of oil, vinegar, oregano, red pepper and rosemary.

Formia. White Itri Olive

The White Itri Olives of Formia are a kind of olive to taste whole, pickled or au naturel. They are of the Itrana variety and collected at the start of ripening, selected manually and marinated for at least five months.

Formia. Oliva di Gaeta

The olive of Gaeta is tapered, of blue colour and has a vinous flavour that is typical of Itrana varieties, produced and eaten also in Formia. It is used to produce an excellent olive oil and the famous olives in brine. This oil was described by Virgil in the Aeneid, Read more…

Formia. Puntarelle

Puntarelle or jagged Catalonia chicory of Gaeta, are popular vegetables in the area of Formia. The taste is pleasantly bitter and tender with a crisp texture. It is prepared by cutting and pulling the fiber which consequently ‘curls’. These vegetables are eaten fresh, seasoned with oil, salt and vinegar, garlic Read more…

DOC Colli Lanuvini wine

The wine “Colli Lanuvini” comes from grapes harvested in Lanuvio and Genzano from which you will get red, white and sparkling wines. The presence of the vine dates back to the time of early Romans who preferred the volcanic soils of these areas south of Rome. The Statutes of Genzano Read more…