The Pangiallo is a traditional dessert of Albano Laziale that is eaten during the Christmas period and is typical of this part of the Roman countryside also because it finds its origins in Imperial Rome. It is a sweet made from walnuts, almonds, dried honey and in some variations also Read more…

Broccolo Capoccione of Albano

The Broccolo Capoccione of Albano is one of the most important traditional products of Albano Laziale and is called “Capoccione” for the size of its inflorescence. This vegetable is used in many local recipes such as “broccoli attufati” or the more traditional “frittelli”. The capoccione broccoli has the inflorescences of Read more…


These fragrant donuts are produced near the Christmas festivities. Much loved, not only in Labico but throughout the province, they are prepared by boiling the traditional donut dough for a few seconds. They are then baked in the oven, left “in white” or covered with a simple icing of sugar Read more…

Bean soup

A poor dish of the Italian tradition is one of Labico’s specialties. Prepared with borlotti beans with the addition of celery, carrots, onions and potatoes, all boiled slowly along with good meat broth. An excellent dish to enjoy on a cold winter day.


Frascatelli are a type of pasta made with cornmeal. Similar to orecchiette, they have an irregular shape with different sizes and a rough consistency, ideal for more full-bodied sauces.