Pastiera of rice

Pastiera is a Neapolitan tart. Like all the countries that once belonged to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Acquafondata preserves some of the culinary traditions of Naples such as the preparation of the rice tart at Easter.


Polenta from locally grown corn has been for centuries one of the dishes with which the population has been fed. Polenta is seasoned with turnips and with a pork-based sauce.


In the woods near Blera there are tasty truffles with a very intense flavour. They have become a local specialty and during the spring and September seasons they can be tasted in numerous local traditional dishes.

Hazel Romana DOP 

The “Nocchie”, hazelnuts, are part of the Mediterranean diet and are the basis of many desserts such as “tozzetti”, the “ossetti da morto”, the “brutti ma buoni”, the “mostaccioli” in donuts and meringues, but also for meat dishes such as rabbit stew. Their consumption dates back to pre-Roman times and Read more…

Tuscia Olive Oil DOP

The DOP ‘Tuscia’ oil is produced from olives of the Frantoio, Leccino and Canino varieties. It has an emerald green color with golden highlights and a fruity smell reminiscent of healthy, fresh fruit, harvested at optimum ripeness. Its flavour is medium fruity with balanced bitter and spicy aftertaste.

Tarquinia DOC Wine

The cultivation of grapes in northern Lazio began with the Etruscans and was first documented in a fourth-century BC tomb in the necropolis of Molesino. You see a Faliscan ‘stamnos’ with black and red figures representing Dionysus and Oinopion, i.e. a rounded vase with two handles, with which the wine Read more…

Croutons with Anchovies from Anzio

Croutons with anchovies is perhaps one of the cheapest but most loved dishes of the tradition of Anzio sea cuisine. Take slices of bread and toast them before putting the sauce on. Traditionally, bread was transformed into croutons by coating with oil or butter. The sauce comprises anchovies cooked with Read more…

Fish soup `alla portodanzese`

Anzio’s fish soup is one of the typical dishes of this city made particularly tasty by the choice of fish directly from the boxes of fishermen at the port. The key elements of the soup are the polyps, cuttlefish, scorpion fish, weever fish, piper, the dogfish, gurnard and sea bream. Read more…