Caves of Falvaterra and Rio Obaco

The Falvaterra Caves are among the longest of central Italy, and are articulated with an area rich in water and quieter areas, having some fossils, with underground lakes and stalactites. The active part is connected directly with the Caves of Pastena, at a distance of about 2.5 km.  

Old Asphalt Mines

In Colle San Magno there was a mine of asphalt testified by the numerous tunnels that penetrate into the bowels of the mountain, that were active from the 1930s to the Second World War. Along the way to the mines you can see the reinforced concrete skeletons of the cableway Read more…

The Collepardo Caves

The caves are called “Bambocci” Caves but also known by the name of “Grotte Regina Margherita”, following the visit of the sovereign in 1904. The spectacle of stalactites and stalagmites has a unique charm due to the singularity of their forms. In the Collepardo caves evidence has been found of Read more…

Pozzo d’Antullo

The Pozzo d’Antullo is a large karst pit, with a maximum depth of 80 m and with a circumference of 300 m, caused by the collapse of the extensive vault of a huge cave linked to the karst geology in the area. It is a singular unusual natural rarity, unique Read more…

Marble District

The engine of the economy is the extraction of marble Perlato Royal Coreno and in the district there are many quarries, sawmills, processing and transportation companies. The stone is also pulverized in order to be used in the cosmetic industry.

Marble Basin

Castelnuovo Parano is part of “the marble basin of Ausoni” where artisans specialise in the extraction, cutting and processing of marble. The marble of this district is pearly Royal of Coreno. This stone is characterized by the particular size of calcareous algae that give it the classic pearly appearance.

The Pits

The pits are one of the local karst phenomena that characterize the mountains and these two chasms came about from underground collapses. In the location of Capodivalle there is a deep crater about 130 meters and a diameter of 60 meters while at Vaccareccia the sinkhole is about 110 meters Read more…

The Marble Cave

The open quarries are in the heart of marble bearing hills around Ausonia and provide economic opportunity and cultural and scientific attraction. This highlights the geology of this area, when the bottom of the sea has turned into mountain and its marine inhabitants were trapped in petrifying rock.

Well of Merro

The Well of Merro or just Merro is a karst chasm, a sinkhole, which is home at the bottom to a pond about 20 m in diameter. With its depth of 392 meters it was the deepest in the world, before Zacatòn in Mexico. The hypothetical bottom has been plumbed Read more…

Pertuso Roiate

It is a typical natural tunnel carved in a trench by the water of the Rio. It sinks to about 300 meters. In dry periods there is no water flow in the trench and into the cave, while in the wet, the floods are violent.