27 October – Discoverplaces presents Ceccano at “Radio Essere”

The 27th of October at 6:30 PM the radio show “Viaggiare in Italia” will air a special episode dedicated to the guide of Ceccano, the stunning town will be narrated by Claudia Bettiol and Andrea Selvini, representing the Cultores Artium association. The show is hosted by Pietro Scipioni and Francesca di Giorgio.

19 October – Sora: territorial identity as a basis for Urban Regeneration

Discoverplaces.travel will be in Sora for a conference about the analysis of territorial identity, foundation of Urban regeneration, as a way to promote tourism of locations with a particular artistic, geographical and historical background. Participants will include the president of the CCCRA of Paliano, Giulio Capitani, the architects Luciano Rea and Luca Calselli.

11-15 Ottobre - Discover Places alla “Fiera del Libro di Francoforte 2017”

11-15 October – Discover Places at the “2017 Frankfurt Book Fair”

Our publishing house, Discoverplaces.travel, an innovative, pioneering start-up in the Province of Frosinone, will be taking part in the 2017 Frankfurt “Buchmesse”,  presenting its Series of Tour Guides for the towns of the Lazio region, works that employ a novel “story-telling” technique to promote these destinations and increase flows of tourists to the region. The … Continued

23 Settembre ore 15:00 - Evento a “Villa Celimontana”, Roma Required fields are marked *

23 September 15:00 – Event at the “Villa Celimontana” in Rome

Tell me a story: atlases, guides, travel diaries…. While the Travel Literature Festival is underway, we will be presenting the series of guides “Towns and Villages of Lazio” by Discoverplaces.travel; Held at the magnificent Villa Celimontana, the event’s guests will include Tommaso Giartosio, a writer who also hosts the radio show  Fahrenheit, covering current cultural events, presentations of books, encounters with authors and moments set aside for … Continued

21-24 Settembre - Discover Places al “Festival della Letteratura di Viaggio”

21-24 September – “Travel Literature Festival”

In the last weekend of September, the Travel Literature Festival will be held at the Villa Celimontana, under the auspices of the Italian Geographic Society; Discoverplaces.travel will be at this, the 10th edition of the festival to present its Series of Tour Guides, one for each of the 377 municipalities of the Lazio region, not including Rome. … Continued

Taglietelle al Pesce Spada tipiche di Sonnino

11 September – Visiting Sonnino: first town for the Latina Province

On September 11th, Discoverplaces.travel paid a very pleasant visit to Sonnino, the first town in the Province of Latina where we will be providing training courses for all the tour operators, manufacturers and small businessmen of the local area, with the goal of creating a network to heighten the powers of attraction of the delightful village and its neighbouring towns. We enjoyed … Continued

9 Settembre - Presentazione della guida di Vico nel Lazio

9 September – Presentation of the Vico nel Lazio guide

On Saturday afternoon, at the Church of “La Madonna della Concordia” in the town of Vico nel Lazio, we presented our guide to that picturesque burgh, whose points of attraction as a tourist destination should not be ignored! Discoverplaces.travel is a website that promotes local towns and villages through a story-telling designed to draw increasing … Continued