Fall and Rise of San Lorenzo Convent Piglio

Piglio and its surrounds were subject of much attention by the factions engaged in destruction during the second world war. As with many other places of meditation and worship, the Convent and Church of San Lorenzo, perched on the lower slopes of Mount Scalambra above Piglio, was particularly so ‘blessed’. The church and convent were … Continued

Experience a trip with a tourist guide

Oftentimes I hear someone saying: ‘I’ve already been there’. The answer to this question – usually – is: ‘Alone or with a guide?’ And nine times out of ten it comes out that yes, my interlocutor in one way has already been there, but without the help of a tour guide, a ‘flesh and bone … Continued

‘Velvet’ Pumpkin Soup with Chestnut Cream

Pumpkin and chestnut are the symbols of the autumn season and as a result I came to think of trying to match them, but in addition to seasonality I remembered their nutritional properties. Of American origin, the pumpkin is orange for betacarotene and is rich in vitamins A and C. It is also an excellent … Continued

The History of Amusement Parks and Magicland

‘Panem and Circenses’, this is how the Romans governed their people and food and fun parks are what is still used today to get the consensus of citizens. But how did the fun parks change? No more real blood of gladiators but still strong excitement that raises the level of adrenaline. The history of modern … Continued

“007” in a mosque during prayer time

A few years ago I had the opportunity to go into my city and photographically document what was happening in a mosque during prayer time. I do not remember the exact time. I was in Brescia. I went to the imam with whom I had an appointment and presented myself. I remember most of the … Continued

San Luigi Gonzaga, Protector of Youth and the Red Cross

San Luigi Gonzaga is the protector of Youth and the Red Cross for the way he gave his life while young helping others during a serious plague in Rome. Luigi was born fortunate, near Lake Garda in Castiglione delle Stiviere in 1568, because his father was the Marquis of the area appointed by the king … Continued

Montecassino and Ciociaria – death and rebirth

My first realisation of the reality of WW2 in Cassino and the area called Ciociaria in central-south Italy was learning the story of Montecassino, the Benedictine Monastery at the end of the Benedictine Way that sits on the spur of Mount Cassino above today’s town of Cassino. The monastery can be easily seen from the … Continued