A day for Contemporary art reflecting on tourism

What value has Contemporary Art? Can it have a function for tourism purposes? What is the relationship between art and territory? The occasion of the Thirteenth Contemporary Day promoted by AMACI – Association of Italian Museums of Contemporary Art is the moment for reflection on the role of modern art in small historical centres and … Continued

MACA, Fine Arts Academy linked to Frosinone

MACA is the Museum of Contemporary Art within the Fine Arts Academy in Frosinone. It is the first example of integration between museums and institutes, and now all the academies of Italy follow this example by opening museums and becoming more and more integrated with the area where they are located. The academy becomes a … Continued

Rieti- Leonessa and its hamlets Villa Pulcini

Leonessa and its hamlets: Villa Pulcini

Leonessa has one of the largest municipal areas in central Italy with 38 hamlets many of which are called ‘villa’, such as Villa Carmine, Villa Lucci or Villa Pulcini. The origin of the name ‘villa’ is very particular because it immediately refers to the ancient Roman settlements where, with this term, an agricultural production centre … Continued

Portone alchemico di Nicolò il mistero di Rivodutri

Nicolo’s Door – The opening for Alchemists in Rivodutri

In Rivodutri there is a unique door that popular tradition calls the Alchemic Door, or “Nicolò Door”, named after the owners of its original building, the Nicolò family since 1757, as a result of the will of Don Bernadino of the Camisciotti family. In 1874, it was handed over to the municipality to be used … Continued

Cave- PONTE VECCHIO by Giuseppe Mosetti

Cave: Its History of Infrastructures and Bridges

It is historically important that Cave is crossed by Via Francigena South, a route from the Middle Ages by pilgrims who went to the Holy Land and from those who tried to use paths less-travelled by malefactors and warmongers. The ancient path in the lower part of the city, the one near the ancient medieval … Continued

Fumone- Statua San Sebastiano by Alessandro Potenziani

The story of the statue of San Sebastiano of Fumone

An unpublished document has made it possible to reconstruct the whole story of the statue of San Sebastiano that contains the relics of the patron saint of Fumone: the expense account and the goldsmith’s inventory! The silver statue of San Sebastiano di Fumone is the only one remaining from the clay model of the great … Continued

The many precious and original Madonnas of Vico nel Lazio

Vico nel Lazio has a special relationship with the Madonna with 5 precious statues protected in churches, 6 churches dedicated to the mother of Jesus, 4 confraternities and 5 festivals. But how does all this commitment come about? The worship of Our Lady begins with Christianity itself and, perhaps, represents a bridge between the pagan … Continued

Finding the Marque of Fine Wood Inlay

While strolling near the top of via Vittorio Emanuele in medieval Anagni, we noticed an advertisement outside a small gallery for an exhibition of wood inlay. We walked in and saw that the small gallery fronted an old atelier behind and down a few steps from the gallery. The pieces on show around us in … Continued