Best Icecream (Gelato) of the world in Sydney

There are now hundreds, if not more, gelato bars around the world creating a plethora of colours, textures and taste sensations – of single scoop, double and triple, served in cones or paper cups and accompanied at your choice by fruit juices, milkshakes or unique creations of baristas. In every town, there seems to now … Continued

History of the Potato and 'Petata' of Leonessa

History of the Potato and ‘Petata’ of Leonessa

It is one of the first words that children learn and each of us has eaten many kilos. It seems to have been part of our civilization forever, but has had periods of absence: this is the summary of history of the potato in Europe. The potato arrived in Europe with the Spanish conquerors of … Continued

Serrone- Cesanese del Piglio by Giancarlo Flavi

The Top Wine Producers in Serrone

There are three certified companies in Serrone that produce the delicious red wine Cesanese del Piglio DOCG and all are characterized by a strong link with the territory. Their wine is a unique DOCG red wine in Lazio and because of the quality achieved by the producers, today the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine is … Continued

Fumone- La Taverna del Barone

Fumone and Sergio Caponera: the Baron’s!

In Fumone there is perhaps one of the best-known restaurants in the whole of Lazio, but it is not really a restaurant: it’s the Baron’s Tavern! It is one of the first local eateries to retrieve the ancient traditions, which were found inside the cellars of the ancient stone palace in the historic centre of … Continued

Pizze della Pasqua di Rocca Priora by Chiara Rossi

Flavours and history of a traditional Rocca Priora Easter

It takes Just a scent to rekindle a sweet memory , linked to a flavour that tastes of a simpler past, rich in history and tradition. This is what happens every year when the smell of the first traditional Rocca Priora Passover Easter cakes, prepared with love and passion by my mother,  invade the rooms … Continued

‘Pigna’, traditional Easter sweet

The Resurrection is celebrated in every Italian village with a traditional Easter sweet such as Pigna in Ciociaria. The breakfast on Sunday morning, after the Resurrection occurred, marks the end of fasting of Lent and is an important moment. All the families that return again to   their tastes and at Easter the homes are again … Continued

Wenzhou Rice not Cantonese Rice!

Wenzhou is a city in South China in the province of Zhejiang. Most Chinese chefs working in Italy (in fact also in Europe) come from this region. In Italy, as we have repeatedly been told, we eat the so-called westernized Chinese food, namely that which the Chinese have modified to satisfy the palate of us … Continued