‘Pigna’, traditional Easter sweet

The Resurrection is celebrated in every Italian village with a traditional Easter sweet such as Pigna in Ciociaria. The breakfast on Sunday morning, after the Resurrection occurred, marks the end of fasting of Lent and is an important moment. All the families that return again to   their tastes and at Easter the homes are again … Continued

Wenzhou Rice not Cantonese Rice!

Wenzhou is a city in South China in the province of Zhejiang. Most Chinese chefs working in Italy (in fact also in Europe) come from this region. In Italy, as we have repeatedly been told, we eat the so-called westernized Chinese food, namely that which the Chinese have modified to satisfy the palate of us … Continued

Tradition of Scottone Cheese from Rocca Priora

We are in a square in the town, with a copper pan, and a young shepherd are the focus of the ancient tradition of scottone cheese in Rocca Priora. The festival of the Scottone animates the cold Sunday in Rocca Priora, the town that occupies the highest peak of the Castelli Romani in a magical … Continued

Be cured with food? A Ferentino bakery is for you

The Internet is full of advice on how to be cured with food, how to eat healthy and on gluten problems. But finding someone in Ferentino making bread and pizza according to the principles of Nutraceutical (Nutrition + Pharmaceutical) was a surprise. At first glance Gusto Antico seemed like any other bakery any and Luciano … Continued

Queen of Sgurgola Donuts: traditional dishes

Every dish has its own history that is intrigueing and Sgurgola Donuts are known as the Queen for their particular shape that resembles a crown. In the tradition the donuts were made at Easter, with white flour, also marking the arrival of spring. They were like a pagan omen in which the Resurrection of Christ … Continued

Cesanese del Piglio 43rd Grape Festival

For most people beyond the boundaries of Ciociaria and Rome, the Cesanese del Piglio grape is still a mystery, an idiosyncracy of Lazio whose history is a small paragraph in the stories of Italian grapes and thriving viniculture. For many, the wines of Lazio are represented by the Frascati whites of the Castelli Romani, more … Continued

An Unforgettable Icecream

What is an unforgettable icecream? I would say that with my long experience of ‘chronic addiction to ice cream’ the answer is a holistic experience. Eating an ice cream is an experience that can give you a moment of joy. When we go to a bar rather than a supermarket to buy an ice cream, … Continued

Wine and music: Chalices in the village in Gavignano

A medieval village and its fine people, a tasting of selected local wines, jazz music, samplings of local products, folk music, breathtaking scenery, streets and white stone buildings that reflect the moon. All this on the night of Chalices in the Village in Gavignano. Faced with such excellence, the only question that comes to mind is … Continued

A Paliano Osteria in the castle alley

From a friendship an inn in was founded in Paliano. A Paliano osteria, just round the corner from the old gate, which immediately became a meeting place due to the magic of the place, the warmth of the welcome and the quality of food they offer. lt is “Osteria un Quato all’Uva”. The place of … Continued