Trivigliano- Stemma by Bettiol

Trivigliano Museum of Peasant Life

At a time when organic food produced according to traditional methods, which were often naturally biodynamic, is very sought after, do we know how they used to produce it? The Trivigliano Museum of Peasant Life is one of the places where you can see the tools of the past and learn the ancient methods of … Continued

Teatrini e marionette al Museo di Torre Cajetani Foto by Bettiol

Puppet Theatres at the Torre Cajetani Museum

In the historic centre of Torre Cajetani, the Museo dell’Operetta houses one of the most amazing collections of puppet theatres with puppets, hand-made from 1600, which includes more than fifty puppet theatres, painted according to the artistic currents of the era such as Baroque and Neoclassical. We can talk about a true art form and … Continued

Discover Small museums: in Serrone Museum of Theatrical Costume

The museum of theatrical costume in the old town of Serrone is a small treasure-trove where the visitor can let imagination go free and ‘tread the boards’ identifying with the world of this or that character. Become a dancer, an eighteenth century Count, a nineteenth century gentleman or wear clothes straight out of a painting … Continued

Family Memories in A Collection of Toy Horses

The horse has occupied a unique role in mankind since the first human bestrode one of these magnificent beasts. It is remembered in the myths of far distant past such as Pegasus, the flying horse, the magnificent Centaur which shows man’s desire to share the beauty and power of the horse, or the magical Unicorn, … Continued

Two Million Years Living in Thessaly

The great cities of the ancient world such as Rome and Athens are but babes in relation to the cities and towns of Thessaly in central Greece. The area of Larissa, the capital of Thessaly, has been continuously occupied since the Neolithic Age, and areas to the east have discoveries dating back to the Paleolithic … Continued

Museum of Priverno Remembering Privernum

The main road from the motorway at Frosinone to the Tyrrhenian seaside resort of Terracina is a continuous stream of cars and trucks on a summers day, and nearly all the travellers give not a second thought to the towns of the Lepini Mountains spread and dotted over the low hills and higher mountains. But … Continued

See you at Forum of Palestrina

Palestrina is an enigmatic town near Rome where literally you walk in millenial history. Recently, a part of the ancient Forum of Palestrina was reopened to refresh the city with a modern ‘Forum’. It is an extremely suggestive game of historical mirrors in which perhaps you can find yourself living the same emotions as you may have two … Continued

‘Quizling’ the Quiz Educational tool

We want the best for our children and we need to find a way to educate them without annoying them, trying new forms of ‘edutainment’ or ‘infotainment’ using quizzes such as ‘Quizling’ as a quiz educational tool. For instance, a core part of the educational process for children virtually worldwide comprises tours, visits to museums, … Continued