Notte di San Lorenzo - Zagarolo

Contests and festivals for San Lorenzo in Zagarolo

The week long festivities for San Lorenzo, patron saint of Zagarolo, involve both religion and tradition. At night on the day of San Lorenzo, 10 August, there is the night of falling stars celebrating with glasses of wine, and beside these festivities is the religious festival. Zagarolo is a jewel of artistic beauty, the triumph … Continued

Last Bagpipe artisan of Acquafondata by Bettiol

The best and last Bagpipe Artisan of Acquafondata

Acquafondata is a town in the mountains on the border of Lazio and Molise famous for its Bagpipes Festival (Festa della Zampogna). And maybe you wouldn’t travel through the forests, in the dappled shade of the roads towards Acquafondata unless you had a special reason or somewhere else to go along the road. We saw … Continued

San Giuseppe da Leonessa, il micro-credito e i Monti Frumentari

San Giuseppe da Leonessa, micro credit and Seed Banks

San Giuseppe da Leonessa  (St. Joseph of Leonessa) is a special saint who divided his life between the desire to be a martyr and to help the needy. And he did both things in an original and incredibly pragmatic way. San Giuseppe was born in Leonessa on 8 January 1556 with the unusual name of … Continued

Cassino- Anfiteatro Romano by Bettiol

The magic of music at Roman theatre in Cassino

The magic of a spectacle at the Roman theatre in Cassino brings back ancient atmosphere and emotions that thousands of people came here to experience, from every part of the Roman empire. The theatre lies on the side of the mountain, according to the style of the Greek theatres, with a view of the valley … Continued

Serrone- Premio Rocca d'Oro by Benedicta Lee

Rocca D’Oro Awards create Bridge between USA and Italy is selected alongside Eva Evola and Aaron Caruso, two opera singers from the Italo/American Bellini Opera Foundation, to receive a prestigious Rocca D’Oro award at the presentations in Serrone. This Ciociarian town lays across the steepish slopes of Mount Scalambra and is a famous centre for Cesanese red wine and ‘soaring’. The summer evening … Continued


Guarcino and the Floridi family

The Floridi family originated in Norcia, Umbria, and one of its ancestors was the grandmother (from the maternal side) of St. Benedict. The roots were lost in the first centuries of the first millennium and since then its descendants have been distributed in different parts of Central Italy. Perhaps because of these particular origins, the … Continued

Trivigliano- Stemma by Bettiol

Trivigliano Museum of Peasant Life

At a time when organic food produced according to traditional methods, which were often naturally biodynamic, is very sought after, do we know how they used to produce it? The Trivigliano Museum of Peasant Life is one of the places where you can see the tools of the past and learn the ancient methods of … Continued

Trivigliano- Castello by Claudia Bettiol

The history of the Castle of Trivigliano

Like most of the highlands villages, particularly in southern Lazio, Trivigliano is formed around a tower, in this case, around three towers that then give the name to the town. The castle of Trivigliano was the nucleus of the village: today there are only the traces of a tower and a small building featuring an … Continued