Alessandro Pagliari, world classical accordion champion

Alessandro Pagliari at age 14 has been crowned as a great musician in Osimo, a few miles from Castelfidardo, which is the home of the accordion, the town where the best instruments of the world are produced. The accordion is one of the most beloved instruments in the world and since its inception it immediately … Continued

Pope Ormisda and Pope Silverio together forever

Pope Ormisda and Pope Silverio together forever

Frosinone gave birth to two popes who had a truly special bond, Pope Ormisda and Pope Silverio: one was the father of the other. But there was no sin because when Ormisda had his son he was just a deacon. Let’s go step by step because Silverio reveals surprises: he is one of the nine … Continued

San Felice of Cantalice, the first Capuchin saint

San Felice of Cantalice, the first Capuchin saint

San Felice da Cantalice was born in 1515 and has the particular primacy of being the first saint of the Capuchin Order. But how did it occur and who are the Capuchins? The Capuchin Order was born around 1520 and is one of the so-called ‘minor’ orders that followed in the spirit of St. Francis. … Continued

Finding the Marque of Fine Wood Inlay

While strolling near the top of via Vittorio Emanuele in medieval Anagni, we noticed an advertisement outside a small gallery for an exhibition of wood inlay. We walked in and saw that the small gallery fronted an old atelier behind and down a few steps from the gallery. The pieces on show around us in … Continued

2016 sett Cina Gulistan 25

Chinese Government’s Friendship Award to Bruno Grassetti

A full life as a pioneer and promoter, exploring new ways and opening them to others, you could write a book but, to synthesize Bruno Grassetti’s life, it is better to start from this end. Recently, Bruno has opened a new consulting firm in China and a new cultural association for projects with Chinese counterparts … Continued

A master craftsman carpenter in Rocca Priora by Gina Zee

A master craftsman carpenter in Rocca Priora

Rocca Priora is famous both for its forests, whose history arises from a mini ice age, and also for its craftsmen carpenters capable of working the timber to produce fine wood products. Traditionally the timber from these woods provided a valuable raw material used in Venice for building the foundations of the houses of the … Continued

Museum of Rugby and Confucius

Rugby is a sport with a unique ethic that distinguishes the players and fans. It has a spirit that goes beyond sports and borders on life. The meeting between heads of two Rugby Museums has strangely reminded me of the teachings of Confucius. But first things first …. The occasion of the match between the … Continued

Marco Giustinelli Intercultural exchanges in Futsal

It was almost by accident that I met Marco Giustinelli and learned the history of the invincible team of Polisportiva (Sports School) Paolo Forte Colleferro Futsal, although to say almost by chance is a bit misleading because his stature cannot go unnoticed. He has lively and almost transparent eyes that provide a glimpse of all … Continued

Three friends and the dinosaurs of Sezze

The story of the greatest discovery of dinosaur footprints in central Italy, in the Lepini Mountains near Sezze, starts accidentally. We are in 2003 and Jurassic Park had a profound impact in the lives of each of us making us rediscover the world of dinosaurs and rekindling the desire to be discoverers. In many parts … Continued

Piglio Cesanese, new frontiers of homeopathy in vineyards

Piglio is famous for its Cesanese DOCG red wine and now also its fame will grow due to the particular way in which some winemakers are taking care of their vineyards. This is the case of Geminiano Montecchi who uses homeopathy in vineyards to protect his vines and organizes courses to disseminate this culture. Geminiano … Continued