Alessandro Pagliari, world classical accordion champion

Alessandro Pagliari at age 14 has been crowned as a great musician in Osimo, a few miles from Castelfidardo, which is the home of the accordion, the town where the best instruments of the world are produced. The accordion is one of the most beloved instruments in the world and since its inception it immediately … Continued

Frosinone Chamber Orchestra, beyond music

Frosinone Chamber Orchestra, beyond music

The history of the Chamber Orchestra of Frosinone is truly original due to how it was formed – by three old schoolmates in 2014 who went to a ‘Convivium’ at Fiuggi dedicated to a piano and double bass concert. The three friends are: Annarita Alviani, Secretary of the Questor of Frosinone, Maurizio Turriziani, master of … Continued

Soundtracks in Castelnuovo Parano by Chamber Orchestra of Frosinone

Soundtracks in Castelnuovo Parano by Chamber Orchestra of Frosinone

The Frosinone Chamber Orchestra (FCO) in its various guises as soloists, quartets, quintets, small orchestra and full orchestra appears in the towns of Ciociaria (the Province of Frosinone) on the sultry evenings throughout summer. This night, a suitably hot August night, the 10th, the day that we celebrate San Lorenzo (St Lawrence for the real … Continued

Soloists of Frosinone on the steps of Casalvieri

Soloists of Frosinone on the steps of Casalvieri

Another hot summer’s day in Ciociaria settled at dusk in Casalvieri into a windless evening and the promise of a hot summer’s night, though with alternatives to Neil Diamond. Our visit this time to the Val di Comino, to Casalvieri, one of our favourite towns, was to attend an evening concert of Rossiniana by principals … Continued

Paliano- hernicantus

HerniCantus: the real popular music of Ciociaria

What unites those born at the beginning and those who came to light at the end of the twentieth century? The so-called “Short Century”, owing to that shortness, should have had closer links between the generations following each other over the years. Yet a farmer – or a shepherd – of class 1925, at twenty, … Continued

Cassino- Anfiteatro Romano by Bettiol

The magic of music at Roman theatre in Cassino

The magic of a spectacle at the Roman theatre in Cassino brings back ancient atmosphere and emotions that thousands of people came here to experience, from every part of the Roman empire. The theatre lies on the side of the mountain, according to the style of the Greek theatres, with a view of the valley … Continued

Violin and Double Bass fall in love in Frosinone

The Double Concerto for Violin and Double Bass by Giovanni Bottesini can provide an exciting surprise when two great musicians and friends decide to play it in a jocose competition. Maurizio Turriziani and Loreto Gismondi can light up a night with their performance as they did during the Women’ Day Concert in Frosinone. Lovers of … Continued

Last Tango in Palace

Astor Piazzola, Marcantonio Colonna Palace, Paliano, Chamber Orchestra of Frosinone – what do they have in common? Tango in palace for our pleasure. Is it not a paradox that essentially sensuous music from the 20th century should vibrate the thick stone walls of a monument of renaissance or even earlier medieval architecture. Yet this is … Continued

José Carreras reborn as one of three great tenor voices

Just 70 years ago today one of the most beautiful tenor voices was born in Barcelona, a city with a great history of music and architecture, and one that has great pride in its wonderful son, José Carreras. In 1992 he repaid his heritage as musical director for the opening and closing ceremonies of the … Continued