27 Settembre, Giornata Mondiale del Turismo - Cattedrale di Santa Maria Anagni by Carlo Ribaudo

September 27, World Tourism Day

Tourism is an ‘industry’ and accounts for almost 12% of Italian GDP, which is why private operators have now been placed next to traditional industries and the new national development program is called ‘Impresa 4.0’. With factory closures, many operators seek to activate tourism initiatives but most of these operators do not have the necessary … Continued

BCC of Bellegra cooperative for local development

BCC of Bellegra cooperative for local development

An efficient banking system is one of the requisites for economic recovery and development, and that is what happened to Bellegra in the post-war period with the cooperative credit bank, which was then called Cassa Rurale e Artigiana. Bellegra occupies a whole hillside of a mountain so as to have the shape of a breast … Continued

Digital Story Telling – The Digital Storyteller

We all grew up with fairy tales, myths and legends told by grandparents or teachers. For thousands of years the stories have been repeated in every generation until the arrival of the ‘digital generation’, where children from an early age are in contact with smartphones, computers and are connected with the network. When children are … Continued

Can an External Director Assist Small Technology Business

There is a vast difference between an SME and a large company in terms of necessary resource structure and the skills of an external director need to match the needs of the company. An SME has a shallow management structure, normally involving family members and particularly founders or their subsequent generations, without an external director … Continued

How to Promote tourism in 5 strategic steps

To promote tourism is a major objective of many politicians and bureaucrats at national and local levels. To understand what levers to use to attract new visitors is their greatest challenge. Choosing a place to visit is a voluntary act by the individual traveller who, faced with an incredible variety of offers, chooses one that … Continued

New frontiers of experiential tourism

What is experiential tourism? Are today’s tourists the same as 10 or 20 years ago? How do tourist facilities to follow the evolution of tourists’ expectations? Today we are all experiencing a ‘digital’ world and the average age of Fb users is increasing inevitably connecting all generational groups. The digital revolution has changed much of … Continued