Australia Day on Sydney Harbour

For me there is no better place to be on Australia Day than at Camp Cove, a beach that faces West near the South Head of Sydney Harbour. Yet, let’s go slowly, maybe an early lunch under an umbrella in the sun and then a walk around to South Head in the mid-summer sun of … Continued

Australia Celebrates Faces of Mercy in Rome

The inspiration for the creation of the Faces of Mercy and its performances in Sydney and Rome was a key sentence in the homily by Pope Francis after his selection as Pope. “The message of Jesus is mercy. For me, and I say this with humility, it is the Lord’s strongest message.” This year of … Continued

Barangaroo Reserve, Old Sydney Town Renewed

Sydney and the area of Barangaroo Reserve was first occupied by the Gadigal people maybe over 10,000 years ago. The Sydney harbour with the surrounding hills were home to about 1500 people when the British arrived and declared when they landed at Camp Cove that the land was ‘Terra Nullius’ –‘nobody owns it’ without consulting … Continued

Australian Celebration of Jubilee of Pope Francis

The Australian jubilee has its own spirit and towards the end of the Year of Mercy it celebrates in a special way with three of its finest artists: Niké Borghese, Kevin Brophy and George Palmer. The performance, called ‘Faces of Mercy’, has been held in Sydney on 23rd October and will be in Rome in … Continued

Exciting musical experience of a Stuart Grand Piano

Wayne Stuart is a proud Australian who has created the most outstanding revolution in grand piano design in generations. He is the master designer and manufacturer of the Stuart Grand Piano that adds a dimension to the capability of the traditional name brands such as Steinway and Yamaha by expanding the normal octave range. Stuart … Continued

The Water Diviner

Legends of Australians in Film

For Italians, Gallipoli is a beautiful seaside resort in Puglia, but for the Australians it is a peninsula in Turkey, a symbol and an even deeper wound from a century ago, and the foundation of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) tradition. Perhaps for this reason, the ninth exhibition of Australian Cinema opened … Continued

Bondi Sculptures by the Sea

As you descend the hill to look over Bondi Beach, you could be forgiven for doubting the legitimacy of all the fame behind the name; ‘Bondi’. With dreary skies and the ever-present threat of storms, Bondi Sculptures by the Sea seems less accurate than possibly Sculptures in the Rain. While a great motivation inspires the … Continued

The ‘jazz destiny’ of Lord Nelson

In Sydney Lord Nelson is a famous pub. In the old city of Stockholm with its narrow alleyways and jazz lifestyle, two of the famous old hotels are the Lord Nelson and the Lady Hamilton, not too far apart and probably as close as they have been for 210 years, since the unfortunate demise of Horatio … Continued

Albert Namatjira

Australian Aboriginal Artists Albert Namatjira

Today, Australian Aboriginal artists are well-known worldwide and the culture of aboriginal art has become heavily commercialised. Yet this is a recent happening of the past 50 years, or maybe it is more a renaissance of traditional aboriginal art dating back as far as 40,000 years, encouraged in its re-creation by the hounds of commercial … Continued

An Australian Wedding

May is the month for brides in Australia. My first Australian wedding and shortest marriage occurred on 10 May, the second Saturday, but 46 years ago. The nuptials subject of this short tale were held on 2nd May, the Saturday one week before Mother’s Day. Yet these days the chances of there being a maternal … Continued