2016 sett Cina Gulistan 25

Chinese Government’s Friendship Award to Bruno Grassetti

A full life as a pioneer and promoter, exploring new ways and opening them to others, you could write a book but, to synthesize Bruno Grassetti’s life, it is better to start from this end. Recently, Bruno has opened a new consulting firm in China and a new cultural association for projects with Chinese counterparts … Continued

Wenzhou Rice not Cantonese Rice!

Wenzhou is a city in South China in the province of Zhejiang. Most Chinese chefs working in Italy (in fact also in Europe) come from this region. In Italy, as we have repeatedly been told, we eat the so-called westernized Chinese food, namely that which the Chinese have modified to satisfy the palate of us … Continued

Short History of Chinese Contemporary Art

When enjoying viewing some Chinese sculptures or paintings in National Art Museum in China, I always feel confused until I read the small tag of introduction or description of the work. The desire to understand artists’ creation, its method and aim, has pushed me to do some research. I’ll share with you some interesting stories … Continued

A town full of artists: Songzhuang Art District in Beijing

What comes to mind when I say Songzhuang? And if I say Greenwich Village, Soho, Montmartre, Via Margutta? In the latter cases the mind is filled with pictures of artists, colour palettes, images, sounds and poetry. Now try to imagine multipying by 10 all that you have seen in New York, London, Paris or Rome. … Continued

Dragon Boat Festival Races

This tale happens on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar measured from the new moon. It was 9 June 2016. The Dragon Boat Festival, Duanwu, and the dragon boat races. It is one of the few statute holidays in the Chinese world, not just China. There are at least three … Continued

Hefei out of nowhere

In the 1930’s, Hefei had become a backwater regional town in central Anhui with about 30,000 residents. It was distanced from the bustle of Shanghai just 500 km away, and distanced in time from its importance as a barrier in wars between the north and the south over many dynasties in medieval China. It had … Continued

Peking ducks in Beijing

Searching for Peking ducks starts with a short walk from Tiananmen Square to the central commercial district of Beijing and to the traditional eating street. On that walk we pass a number of seemingly elegant restaurants including a Muslim restaurant owned by Dong, An Old Dong restaurant, and a DaDong (or Big Dong) Peking Ducks … Continued

Nowhere in Beijing beside Tiananmen Square

At night, Tiananmen Square is a great expanse without apparent life, but the arteries radiating to the shopping and restaurant district are lit like New York and bustle with locals and tourists, all equally affluent. The main shopping streets are closed now to cars, and the original department store, founded about 50 years ago has … Continued

Chao Lake Binhu where all the senses combine

‘A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox’ from The Pirates of Penzance could reflect the reality that is Chao Lake in Anhui, China. Beside its vast polluted waters (Chao Lake is the 4th largest fresh water lake in China) is being constructed New Binhu (meaning ‘nearby the lake’), an ultra-modern city of apartment blocks … Continued