San Felice of Cantalice, the first Capuchin saint

San Felice of Cantalice, the first Capuchin saint

San Felice da Cantalice was born in 1515 and has the particular primacy of being the first saint of the Capuchin Order. But how did it occur and who are the Capuchins? The Capuchin Order was born around 1520 and is one of the so-called ‘minor’ orders that followed in the spirit of St. Francis. … Continued

Notte di San Lorenzo - Zagarolo

Contests and festivals for San Lorenzo in Zagarolo

The week long festivities for San Lorenzo, patron saint of Zagarolo, involve both religion and tradition. At night on the day of San Lorenzo, 10 August, there is the night of falling stars celebrating with glasses of wine, and beside these festivities is the religious festival. Zagarolo is a jewel of artistic beauty, the triumph … Continued

Rieti- Leonessa and its hamlets Villa Pulcini

Leonessa and its hamlets: Villa Pulcini

Leonessa has one of the largest municipal areas in central Italy with 38 hamlets many of which are called ‘villa’, such as Villa Carmine, Villa Lucci or Villa Pulcini. The origin of the name ‘villa’ is very particular because it immediately refers to the ancient Roman settlements where, with this term, an agricultural production centre … Continued

Last Bagpipe artisan of Acquafondata by Bettiol

The best and last Bagpipe Artisan of Acquafondata

Acquafondata is a town in the mountains on the border of Lazio and Molise famous for its Bagpipes Festival (Festa della Zampogna). And maybe you wouldn’t travel through the forests, in the dappled shade of the roads towards Acquafondata unless you had a special reason or somewhere else to go along the road. We saw … Continued

Portone alchemico di Nicolò il mistero di Rivodutri

Nicolo’s Door – The opening for Alchemists in Rivodutri

In Rivodutri there is a unique door that popular tradition calls the Alchemic Door, or “Nicolò Door”, named after the owners of its original building, the Nicolò family since 1757, as a result of the will of Don Bernadino of the Camisciotti family. In 1874, it was handed over to the municipality to be used … Continued

San Giuseppe da Leonessa, il micro-credito e i Monti Frumentari

San Giuseppe da Leonessa, micro credit and Seed Banks

San Giuseppe da Leonessa  (St. Joseph of Leonessa) is a special saint who divided his life between the desire to be a martyr and to help the needy. And he did both things in an original and incredibly pragmatic way. San Giuseppe was born in Leonessa on 8 January 1556 with the unusual name of … Continued

Isola del Liri- Parco Cascata piccola by Bettiol

Art from Industrial archeology, best examples at Isola del Liri

A top examples of creation of art from industrial archaeology is in Isola del Liri. But what is industrial archaeology? Industrial archaeology addresses the themes of architectural, mechanical, historical and social memory of major industrial activities in which a large factory with its technological innovation and its work organization has changed local and sometimes national … Continued

Castro dei Voslci- Monumento alla Mamma Ciociara by Bettiol

Castro dei Volsci-Ausonia: the Festival of the Meeting

Every three years the inhabitants of Castro dei Volsci and of Ausonia gather for a unique religious ceremony and a popular celebration called the ‘Festival of the Meeting’, and which takes place on the last Sunday in August. The two communities meet in Castelnuovo Parano to exchange banners and the statue of Our Lady. The … Continued

Serrone- Premio Rocca d'Oro by Benedicta Lee

Rocca D’Oro Awards create Bridge between USA and Italy is selected alongside Eva Evola and Aaron Caruso, two opera singers from the Italo/American Bellini Opera Foundation, to receive a prestigious Rocca D’Oro award at the presentations in Serrone. This Ciociarian town lays across the steepish slopes of Mount Scalambra and is a famous centre for Cesanese red wine and ‘soaring’. The summer evening … Continued