Maundy Thursday Visit by Papa Francesco to Paliano

It is Maundy Thursday in the Christian week of Easter, a fine warm spring day with a touch of breeze, and we seek the breath of the Lord in the hills around Paliano, in Frosinone Province. For lunch, we settle to eat a simple but tasty pasta dish with a glass of white wine at … Continued

Fiuggi Grants Antonio Tajani Honorary Citizenship

Our travel today through the hills of Ciociaria brought us to the famous spa town of Fiuggi in the lower slopes of the Ernici Mountains to celebrate honorary citizenship of Fiuggi for Antonio Tajani, President of the Parliament of Europe. For Italians, the honour is well understood, but for those of us with English upbringing, … Continued

Bagpipes at Caetani Castle in Trevi nel Lazio

My afternoon tour, with Giancarlo Flavi, on the second last day of the year, had us heading into the Simbruini mountains and the Regional Park, up from the Cesanese vineyards of Piglio, through the high plains of Arcinazzo to hear Scottish Bagpipes in Trevi nel Lazio, a Ciociarian town sitting at 820 metres in the … Continued

Surf’s UP! At Bondi Sculpture by the Sea

For 20 years Bondi Sculpture by the Sea has graced the coastal walk, parks and beaches of South Bondi and Tamarama, a scenic area of great natural beauty but not architectural wonder. Standing above the Bondi Icebergs Club, looking north over the ocean pool, gives the perfect panorama of Bondi, probably the world’s most famous … Continued

A short walk in Sgurgola

The end of August south of Rome, in Lazio, Ciociaria, on the road to enjoy a short walk in Sgurgola on the edge of Lepini Mountains. It has been a dry hot summer with regular fires alongside the roads where drivers adopt the memory of old movies and flick their cigarettes out the window to … Continued

The Water Diviner

Legends of Australians in Film

For Italians, Gallipoli is a beautiful seaside resort in Puglia, but for the Australians it is a peninsula in Turkey, a symbol and an even deeper wound from a century ago, and the foundation of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) tradition. Perhaps for this reason, the ninth exhibition of Australian Cinema opened … Continued

Mendelevium and a crater, memorials to Mendeleev

Mendelevium is an unstable element, number 101 on the periodic table. It is named after the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev who is credited with the formulation of the periodic table of elements. February 8 is not just Mardi Gras, it is Mendeleev’s 182nd birthday. The periodic table of Mendeleev was published in its first version … Continued

Herman Branover and LMMHD

It was in Australia, some time in 1987, during the period that I was providing technical consultancy in the energy field to the business interests of Joseph Gutnick, that I met Peter Kalms and was introduced through him to Professor Herman Branover. For those who follow the Chabad Hasidic movement, the name Branover immediately brings … Continued

A ‘True Blue’ Ballad of Australia

In every culture, poetry, rhymes and songs tell the story of the country, of the region, of the people. Yet except for the English bards and a very few from other cultures, French, Italian, German, not much transfers from one language, from one culture, to another. Shakespeare and Lord Byron are exceptions, where rhymes and … Continued