At the end of March in Canino, in the province of Viterbo, the “vegetable of the king” is celebrated, with the unmissable Festival of the Green Asparagus (“Sagra dell’Asparago Verde”), in a weekend of events and tastings.

The protagonist of many traditional recipes of this small village of the Tuscia territory, the variety of asparagus used during the event has the peculiarity of being harvested in the first months of the year. With a fine, delicate stem, and a bright green color, it can be enjoyed cooked in many ways. In an omelette, pasta, focaccia, and other dishes that are going to be prepared during the days of celebrations, everything is prepared by the skilled hands of local associations.

A weekend to savor and immerse yourself in the tradition that revolves around asparagus, not only food but also lots of fun for the whole family with shows, exhibitions and outings in some of the most beautiful paths in the Viterbo area.