Lake Bolsena is the fifth largest Italian lake and was formed by the evolution of the Cimini volcanic system. The lake has only one outflow and that is the Marta river. Its waters are crystal clear as a result of different underwater sources and it is a perfect habitat for different types of fish and for birds on its banks.
Since prehistoric times it has been inhabited by stilt houses, as documented by the finds in the Bolsena museum.
Today on its banks are the centres of Bolsena, Marta and Capodimonte while on its waters emerge the islands of Bisentina and Martana. The two islands are private and are rich in art and history, such as the fact that on the island of Martana the queen of the Goths Amalasunta was killed by her husband Theodatus.
According to an ancient Etruscan legend, on the Bisentina island there is one of the entrances to the kingdom of the underworld and all the Etruscans who did not want to fall into the hands of the Romans came here abandoning their land and not surrendering to the enemy. This is why we have little evidence of their history. The islands can be visited in summer and can be reached by boats from the coastal villages.
But the lake is an ideal place to spend summer holidays sunbathing on its beaches and practicing water sports such as sailing, fishing, swimming and scuba diving.
In the spring and autumn, several sailing regattas take place on the lake.
A trail surrounds the whole of Lake Bolsena and allows a multi-day excursion.