The conservatory was founded in 1972 and is one of the best in Italy. It is dedicated to Licinio Refice, one of the greatest composers and reformers of sacred music who was born in Ciociaria in nearby Patrica. In addition to teaching, he was the promoter of a series of national and international events including the Conservatory Music Festival.

His recital and masterclass season was well followed and appreciated.

Music is the soul of every party and the vital blood that flows in the life of a community. Cities are often associated with the great musicians
that the chances of birth have given them: from Mozart in Salzburg to Liverpool with the Beatles.
In Frosinone the musical soul has a powerful engine: the Licinio Refice Conservatory, a great composer of Patrica (near Frosinone) who
revolutionized sacred music in the twentieth century.
The conservatory was born in 1972 and immediately started an activity of broadcasting the music culture not only among its students but throughout the province of Frosinone. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the city, always open to international cultural exchange
not only with student programmes but also with exchange among professors in the Erasmus programme. This openness and breadth of vision has led the conservatory to offer a great cultural music season in its new auditorium, hosting prestigious musicians and cooperating with neighbouring towns in organizing events. A few to mention are the festival dedicated to Severino Gazzelloni of Roccasecca, and the jazz festivals of Atina and Sora.
From this joyful and open spirit in Frosinone, has given life to the first International Conservatory Festival that took place in 2012, where
students challenged themselves in bold performances in every field of music, from jazz to classics, from light music to lyrical songs, from
rock to hip hop.
The festival animates the city and every year is enriched with new international challenges that make it one of the most loved events of
the city.