This magnificent Saracen Gate of Segni, is one of the most marvelous monuments of all time. The upper boulder is about 3 meters long and for its majesty Segni is twinned with Mycenae and with the famous Porta dei Leoni (Lion Gate).

The gate is located in an area not far from the city centre and reachable via a short scenic path. It is inserted in an almost intact section of the wall that climbs up the mountain. From the gate one can understand how the city wall consists of two layers of rock with a filling in the centre.

Also this is a ‘sceonic’ type gate that is built in an inclined manner with respect to the walls so as to oblige those who attacked to first uncover one side of it and make that weaker.

Near the door some benches in the lawn allow visitors to rest and reflect so that everyone can do the walk in his own way.



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